At SWOP Kenya, We have aligned our key priority areas with our vision of attaining a healthy, stigma free and economically empowered community. How?

  • Prevention – HIV & STI Prevention
  • GBV Services – Support against Gender Violence
  • Mental Health – Promoting mental health

Integration of HIV Research, Advocacy work, Alternative livelihoods and community empowerment initiatives alongside the provision of clinical STI/HIV Services provides our basis for sustainable long term solutions..Read More


To foster the well being of marginalized and vulnerable populations through sustainable community driven solutions

SWOP-Kenya envisions a healthy, stigma free and economically empowered community

SWOP is a leading sex workers health agency in Kenya that promotes the health, safety & well-being of sex workers, & affirms their occupational & human rights.

Our attention is focused on vulnerable groups that face social and structural barriers preventing them from accessing health care. Our programs deliver a whole range of sexual and reproductive health interventions aimed at meeting KP specific needs so as to optimize uptake. This approach is augmented by our efforts to structurally intervene through advocacy and provision of alternative livelihoods.

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Partnership
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Result focused

Our team delivers on our promise to our partners

Some of Our services are listed bellow


At Swop-Kenya, we offer biomedical services that include HIV Testing, HIV Care, TB Screening, STI Screening, among other services.


Swop-Kenya is committed on offering prevention services such as Health Education, CPHDP, Condom distribution among others.

Community Strengthening

Swop-Kenya offers community support services such as support groups, CSO strengthening and Stakeholder engagements.

Gbv Services

Gender based violence services offered by Swop-Kenya include Violence response, Advocacy, Survivors Hub and Human Rights Training.

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Why Swop-Kenya?

SWOP Kenya (SWOP-K) is a locally registered Non – Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2013. Synergized efforts between SWOP program staff and community members culminated in the registration of SWOP-Kenya as an NGO; a move that was intent on empowering the Key Population community towards long term partnerships that ensure sustainable home grown solutions.

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