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It is advisable to take your medication at a particular time of day without fail (possibly set a reminder), however in the event that you forget, take your medication immediately upon remembering and continue with the sequence as prescribed by the physician. Don’t take multiple pills to cover missed medication.

Once HIV positive one’s status cannot revert to negative. With good adherence to ARVs the viral load may become undetectable a status that may lead to good health and reduce the chances of transmission however, one is encouraged to maintain safer sex practices.

PEP works effectively and should be taken within 72 hours of exposure. It is given in combination with STI and pregnancy prevention medication in case one is currently not using family planning

It is the surest way to ensure extra prevention against HIV and in addition, condom has the added protection against STI and unwanted/ unplanned pregnancy.

PrEP is a lifelong intervention. It is a method of HIV prevention during periods when a person is at a continuous increased risk of acquiring HIV