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Priority Focus Areas

Mental health & Psycosocial Support

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how people think, feel and act. Causes of mental disorder are very divergent and if not addressed at early stages may lead to severe depression or other undiagnosed mental disorders. SWOP Kenya is determined to address and solve the mental challenges amongst our clients through intensive counselling sessions. Our professionals are able to screen any sign of mental illness and to carry out counselling on site, at the community and over the phone to make follow ups on mental counselling. All clients new on ART, Rape cases, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Gender Based Violence are taken through an exhaustive mental counselling to counter any mental disorder/ mental stress that may come with the stigma and the mentioned issues. All clients on substance abuse must undergo alcohol/substance counselling to prevent the negative mental challenges that comes along with overuse of alcohol and other drugs. We also offer anti-depressants to clients with severe depression.