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Priority Focus Areas

Priority Focus Areas

Our Priority Focus Areas

We aim to ensure dissemination of high-quality HIV Prevention, HIV Testing, HIV Care and Treatment Services to all our populations.

We offer community support services such as support groups, CSO Strengthening and stake holder engagement.

We have strategized to support young Women and Girls by supporting their rights including sensitization of adolescents’ boys and men in that respect as a vital component of fostering sustainable development in our society.

The work environment of our population poses a great risk to their mental Health therefore we aim to offer Mental Health and Psychosocial Support.

Evidence suggests that gender-based violence is not only a human rights violation but also a barrier to HIV prevention, treatment and care. Cognizant of this fact, we stand for a transformation of the society to ensure individuals and communities participate in the advancement of their rights and development processes in line with the constitution of Kenya. We implement a 3-pronged prevention approach which combine biomedical, behavioral and structural approaches including interventions to prevent and address gender-based violence on way to achieving the goal of eliminating AIDS as a public health threat.