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Priority Focus Areas

Stakeholders Engagements

Stakeholders Engagements

Organizations reach their highest potential by considering the interests of their stakeholders and ensuring effective interaction with them. Collaborated planning and decision-making results in the achievement of milestones by all teams, promotes accountability and transparency.
SWOP Kenya facilitates monthly forums to provide opportunities for discussions, sharing ideas and strategies which lead to successful resource distribution, commodity management, and to spearhead new approaches in the provision of comprehensive health service to the Key Population communities.

The SWOP Kenya program impact is realized through engagements at different levels, namely, the Sub-County MOH work planning meetings where successes are highlighted, and new strategies are adopted to resolve any gaps. The Police and local authority engagement forums empower and create good rapport with the KP community to help minimize gender-based violence, as well as creating a conducive environment for service provision. Through the KP community empowerment and capacity building activities, individual persons have become independent and developed a positive focus in life, supporting themselves and their peers to do the same.

  • Government policy is implemented for the benefit of the FSW community and trickles down from NASCOP to the Ministry of Health and other Government agencies.  Engagement in community activities allows the FSWs to participate during the World Aids Day, World Condom Day, anti-GBV campaigns and conferences.
  • Capacity building for the FSW in relation to GBV, justice and security, HIV prevention and community health has empowered them to understand their Human Rights and justice systems which favor them.
  • Interactive engagements with the FSWs through discussions, meetings, trainings, sensitization sessions and social media are beneficial for sharing ideas and common goals and give feedback.  Their knowledge, experience and expertise is pooled to create solutions and improve service provision to them.