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Priority Focus Areas

Priority Focus Areas

STI Screening and Treatment

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – or sexually transmitted disease (STDs) are generally acquired by sexual contact passed through sexual activity and sometimes during childbirth. The causative agent may pass through person to person in blood, semen, or vaginal fluid and other body fluids.

When STIs are treated early, you can prevent many of the negative outcomes of STIs, including infertility in both men and women. Testing and treatment is important for sexually active people and for pregnant women.

Symptoms include: – sores or bumps on the genitalia or in the anal or oral area, painful or burning urination, and discharge from the penis or anus, unusual or odd smelling discharge from the vagina, unusual vaginal bleeding, and pain during sex, swollen lymph nodes, lower abdominal pains, fever and rash over the trunk, hands and feet.

Treatment entails usage of Antibiotics and Antiviral drugs. Partner notification and preventive treatment is also important as it helps limit the spread of the STIs. The practice steers those at risk towards counselling and treatment.

A prevention method includes vaccination for HPV and Hepatitis A and B, correct usage of condoms, voluntary medical male circumcision, use of PEP and PrEP depending on risk factor level.

SWOP has always provided preventive and curative services to clients with STI symptoms and ensuring that proper diagnosis and treatment is done.