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Priority Focus Areas

Support Groups

Support Groups

Support groups are a way for people with a common experience to help each other and learn from each other.

SWOP Kenya offers treatment support to our different clients within support groups; they are moderated by Counsellor, Nurse or a prevention officer. The support group involves people who share common experiences. They include;

ART support groups

It is formed by HIV positive clients in order to encourage each other on adherence, moral support and acceptance for newly diagnosed clients. In addition, we support them in self-help groups for better livelihood.;

Community Engagement - CSOs

SWOP KENYA has established Civil Society Organizations as a mechanism of health governance and act as a bridge between the SWOP KENYA organization and the FSW community in Nairobi, Kenya. SWOP KENYA continues to encourage sex workers to establish sustainable CSOs s through capacity building, trainings, mentorship and resource mobilization to help create an extra source of income and improve their livelihoods. The enterprises registered as CSOs are led by sex workers, they promote economic empowerment and deliver services to the fellow sex workers that complement those that are provided by SWOP KENYA. The CSOs are involved in activities like: promoting health education and treatment support through ART support groups, enhancing economic empowerment through table banking, creating awareness and advocating for human rights and fight against gender-based violence, some. CSOs play a major role in driving social change through various campaigns related to S/GBV, disease awareness, HIV prevention and other public health issues.

PrEP support group

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis). It is a Prophylaxis for HIV negative people who are who are at risk of getting HIV. The support group helps the peers to improve on continuation and also duo protection. It also helps in sharing strategies on how to maintain daily pill.